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Even though every case is unique as to liability and damages, we approach each with the same care and attention to detail that has resulted in these examples of our successful Million Dollar Plus recoveries and others:

$5,600,000 for injury and death of a landscape worker who was injured when his vehicle struck a dumpster placed on the street.

$3,100,000 for brain injury to gas company  inspector, non-work related.

$2,400,000 for death from crush injury to operating engineer from soil collapse.

$2,100,000 for iron worker who sustained injury that required a neck fusion.

$2,000,000 for laborer who fell through a roof requiring a cervical fusion.

$2,000,000 for death of laborer, semi-tractor truck/van crash.

$1,900,000 for lower extremity crush injury when a Bobcat ran over a carpenter.

$1,600,000 for 43 year old DuPage maintenance worker for cervical discectomy.

$1,450,000 for hip fracture when estimator fell into unprotected opening at United Center.

$1,300,000 for truck driver for partial foot amputation due to Ford manufacturing defect.

$1,300,000 for third degree burns to factory worker from explosion.

$1,275,000 for 57 year old drywall taper who sustained fractures from a fall from a manlift.

$1,100,000 for death of plant worker due to defective portable platform.

$900,000 for internal injuries and death of 90 year old due to Nursing Home neglect.

$846,000 for carpenter for torn meniscus due to improper crane operation.

$825,000 for tuck-pointer who suffered herniated disc in a fall on a jobsite.

$770,000 for construction worker who sustained a vascular injury due electrical exposure.

$750,000 for construction worker for back injury sustained while lifting.

$750,000 for iron worker who sustained rotator cuff tear due to improper support.

$500,000 for iron worker who aggravated pre-existing spine condition due to fall.

$500,000  for laborer who sustained herniated disc in auto crash.

$487,500 for laborer who sustained wrist fracture and surgery from fall into excavation.

$481,000 for iron worker who suffered soft tissue-myofascial pain after trip and fall

$462,500 for laborer who sustained herniated disc when concrete chute struck him.

$450,000 for operating engineer for shoulder injury due to defective equipment.

$425,000 for truck driver for lumbar disc injury from defective pallet.

$370,000 for millwright for lumbar disc injury due to fall from equipment.

$335,000 for ironworker who sustained rotator cuff tear due to lack of scaffolding.

$300,000 for millwright for aggravation of low back condition due to fall over pipe.

$250,000 for passenger in a cab who was rear-ended sustaining fibromyalgia.

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