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Personal Injury Litigation

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Personal Injury Litigation is the legal process through which an injured person may recover money damages caused by the negligence of another.  The process includes retaining an attorney, filing suit, conducting discovery, answering written questions called interrogatories, answering verbal questions of  the opposing attorneys at a deposition, settlement negotiations and trial before a judge and/or jury.

When a person suffers injuries due to the negligence of another, he or she may have a cause of action against the person who caused the injuries.  Generally, every person has a duty to exercise due care for the safety of others. If a person fails to act reasonably and causes injury to another, the injured person has the right to pursue a claim and file a lawsuit against them in order to recover money damages.

In Illinois, categories of recoverable damages include: Pain and Suffering, Disability or Loss of Normal Life, Disfigurement, Medical Expenses, Wage Loss and Property Damage.

Richard L. Rumsey Ltd. has been serving the Personal Injury Litigation needs of victims of injury for over 30 years.  Please contact us concerning any questions you have concerning Personal Injury Litigation.

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