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Construction Negligence

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Every year thousands of Construction Workers suffer injuries as a result of the negligent acts of employees of other contractors and the failure of companies with Construction Site safety responsibilities to carry out their duties in a reasonable manner.

Richard L. Rumsey Ltd. has represented the interests of Construction Workers for over 30 years.  We know by first hand experience that injuries suffered at Construction Sites can be severe and life altering not only for the injured worker, but for their families too.

There are regulations, statutes, ordinances and industry standards that mandate a safe working environment for Construction Workers.  Unfortunately, in many cases, we have found that these safeguards have been ignored and violated by General Contractors and others who are in charge of safety on Construction Sites, resulting in serious injury and  loss of life.

According to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Construction Industry has the highest number of worker fatalities of any industry.

Hazards posed at Construction Sites include unsafe scaffolds, ladders and supports, lack of fall protection, improperly operated heavy equipment, defective tools, failure to provide proper lifting equipment, improperly braced excavations and exposure to electricity and toxic materials.

Our experience with Crane, Forklift and Equipment Injury Claims will help us recover damages for you.

Our track record of recoveries for Construction Workers shows that we know how to investigate, pursue, and litigate Construction Site Injury Claims successfully.

Recent Construction Site Case Result: 

Dangerous Construction Site

$5,600,000 was recently recovered by us for injuries and death suffered as a result of Construction Negligence.
A railway rehabilitation construction project was proceeding in Chicago.  Those in charge decided to place a dumpster for construction debris under an adjacent roadway viaduct. We established that such placement violated numerous safety standards and was the cause of a man’s injuries and death.

Other Construction Site Case Results:

$2,400,000 for operating engineer’s death from a crush injury due to soil collapse.

$2,000,000 for laborer who fell through a roof requiring a cervical fusion

$1,900,000 for carpenter who was run over by a Bobcat and sustained a leg injury.

$1,450,000 for estimator who fell through unprotected opening  suffering hip fracture.

$1,275,000 for drywall taper who fell from a manlift sustaining fractures.

$846,000 for carpenter who was injured due to improper crane operation causing torn meniscus.

$825,000 for tuckpointer who slipped on unsafe surface sustaining herniated disc.

$770,000 for laborer who sustained electrical shock and suffered vascular injury.

$750,000 for iron worker who suffered rotator cuff  tear due to improper support.

$750,000 for construction worker who sustained bulging disc due to lifting without a hoist.

$500,000 for iron worker who aggravated pre-existing spine condition due to fall.

$487,000 for laborer who fell into an excavation sustaining wrist fracture.

$481,000 for iron worker who suffered soft tissue-myofascial pain after trip and fall.

$462,500 for laborer who sustained herniated disc when concrete chute struck him.

$450,000 for operating engineer for shoulder injury due to defective equipment.

$370,000 for millright for lumbar disc injury due to fall from equipment.

$335,000 for iron worker who sustained rotator cuff injury due to lack of scaffolding.

$300,000 for millright for aggravation of low back condition due to fall over pipe.

Please see Case Results for more examples of Richard L. Rumsey Ltd.’s successful recoveries for our clients

Richard L. Rumsey Ltd. respects and appreciates the hard work performed by our country’s Construction Workers.  Construction Workers give us the homes we live in, the buildings we work in, and the roads we drive on.  They deserve our thanks. We are committed to providing Construction Workers with the best legal representation possible.  Our record of success for Construction Workers speaks for itself.  Please contact us if you or your loved ones are injured.

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