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Premises Liability

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Premises Liability involves the responsibilities of owners of property to individuals who enter upon that property.  Every year thousands of people are injured due to defects or other unsafe conditions present in buildings and upon land. Owners can include corporations, partnerships, businesses, individuals and governmental entities such as states, counties, cities, and other municipalities.

Property owners may be liable for damages to a person who suffers injuries if the owner was negligent in maintaining the property or fails to properly warn of possible dangers.

There are Federal, State, Local and Industry Standards that apply to premises safety.  We find that some property owners ignore or fail to comply with these standards.

Premises Liability cases include:

  • Tripping/Slipping hazards
  • Sidewalk defects
  • Unnatural Accumulations of ice and snow
  • Dog Bites/Maulings
  • Inadequate Security Resulting in Assault and/or Rape
  • Improper Handrails
  • Defective Stairs

Premises Liability Case Results Include:

$1,450,000 for hip fracture sustained due to fall into unprotected hole in floor.

$825,000 for lumbar herniated disc requiring surgery for man who slipped on soapy water near wash bay at car dealership.

$500,000 for aggravation of preexisting back condition due to trip on extension cord extending in front of door at airport.

Please see Case Results for more examples of Richard L. Rumsey Ltd.’s successful recoveries for our clients.

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