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Products Liability

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We buy, use, and rely upon manufacturer’s products everyday.  We have the right to expect that the products will function properly and not put our safety or health in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, sometimes manufacturers put profits before consumer safety and serious injuries occur.  Poorly designed and manufactured appliances cause thousands of unnecessary injuries each year.  Faulty toys and infant equipment bring tragedy to young families.

Victims of injury from products that have been designed or manufactured in a defective manner have a cause of action against the manufacturer of the product.  In some cases, the distributor, wholesaler and retailer can be liable also.

Products Liability actions are typically brought under one or more legal theory including Strict Liability, Negligence and Breach of Warranty.  If a product’s defect results in death, a Wrongful Death action is available.

Over the years, Products Liability actions have been brought against numerous products and manufacturers. 

Types of Products named in Products Liability lawsuits include:

  • Infant/Child Cribs, Highchairs, Car Seats and Toys
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Drugs/Medications
  • Power Tools
  • Airbags
  • Safety Belts
  • Auto and Truck Tires
  • Space Heaters
  • Medical Devices/Defibrillators

We have represented victims against some of the largest manufacturers in the United States.  We have taken on General Motors, Ford and Volkswagon in Products Liability actions and made them pay for defects that injured our clients. 

Richard L. Rumsey Ltd. has the experience and knowledge necessary to pursue your Products Liability Claim.  Please contact us at any time if you or your loved ones have been injured by a defective product.

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