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Auto and Trucking Negligence

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Car and truck crashes take seconds to occur but can have consequences that last a lifetime.  Three million people are injured each year in traffic collisions in our country and approximately 40,000 people are killed.

Every person who operates a car or truck is required to operate his or her vehicle in a safe manner and to obey all traffic laws.  Drivers must not drive in a negligent manner. When a driver fails to operate their vehicle in a safe manner and negligently injures someone, the injured person can recover money damages.

Drivers and passengers can suffer serious injuries when one car collides with another.  However, when a large commercial vehicle collides with a passenger vehicle, the injuries are often catastrophic.

Eighteen wheelers, semi-tractor trailers, dump trucks, and parcel trucks crowd our roadways.  Large commercial vehicles sometimes weigh as much as 80,000 pounds including cargo and can be up to 75 feet in length.  While truck drivers are supposed to strictly adhere with Federal and State laws and operate their trucks in accordance with their company’s rules and regulations, we know that some truckers just do not comply and innocent people get hurt.

Richard L. Rumsey Ltd. has proved that we know how to recover damages for our clients who are injured due to Auto and Trucking Negligence.

Recent Auto and Trucking Negligence Case Results:

$2,100,000 for an iron worker returning home from a jobsite who required a cervical fusion due to a truck-trailer combination crossing over the center line.

$2,000,000 for a laborer’s death due to a semi-tractor trailer having defective brakes and running a red light.

$300,000 for a laborer returning home from work who sustained a mild traumatic brain injury when he was rear-ended by a driver who was reading a text message on her phone.

Please see Case Results for more examples of Richard L. Rumsey Ltd.’s successful recoveries for our clients.

Richard L. Rumsey Ltd. has the knowledge and experience to represent your interests in a claim involving Auto or Trucking Negligence.  Our success speaks for itself.  Please contact us at anytime so that we can recover money damages for your injuries.

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